Prayer Walking Time at Bethesda Church, Swallownest

At Bethesda Church we’ve restarted walking prayer time where we walk around the area praying for our community. Each Wednesday at 1pm. We start from the church. Anyone wanting to join with us will always be made welcome, or if you would like to make prayer requests please get in touch.

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What is Prayer Walking?

Prayer walking is just that: praying while walking. Often, those who prayer walk pick a location and go there to walk and pray on purpose; to pray for the people there, a special event, or for God to bless the area.

Sometimes people walk and pray alone and regularly, combining exercise with interceding for their neighbors. Other times, a group or church will organize a prayer walk or a series of prayer walks in a community or several communities at the same time.

Sometimes people who prayer walk have a specific thing in mind to pray about. Other times, people walk and ask God to bring to their attention what and who needs prayer. Sometimes both. Read more from Compelling Truth >