All bible studies and prayer times
start with refreshments @ 7:15pm

Sessions start @ 7:30pm
and finish @ 8:30pm



We Believe…

7th March – That the Bible is the inspired Word of God

14th March – In the Godhead, the Trinity

21st March – Jesus came, died and rose again (Virgin birth, etc)

28th March – The fall of humans and the salvation through faith

4th April – Prayer time

18th April – Baptism by full immersion – Baptism of the Holy Spirit

25th April – Gifts of the Holy Spirit

16th May – Prayer time

23rd May – Gifts of the Holy Spirit

6th June – Prayer time

13th June – Healing from all sickness

20th June – The second coming of Jesus and bodily resurrection of all peoples

27th June – The Church

The studies above are recorded and available the next day on our YouTube channel >
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